Monday, July 05, 2010

Watch Out, Lance Armstrong!

Today I picked up some new exciting toys… bicycles! I don’t think I have ridden a bike since I was about 12 years old, so this will be an interesting adventure. But Stewart and I have been thinking about getting bikes for a while now, and since summer seems to have (finally!) officially begun in Seattle, we figured there’s no better time than the present.

We’ve already identified quite a few friends who also like riding, so we’re planning some little trips and I’m so excited!

Don’t worry though… I promise I’ll never be one of those annoying Seattle bikers… you know the type. The ones who ride 20 miles per hour below the legal limit down the middle of the street with a line of traffic behind them. Who dodge in and out of cars waiting at a stop sign in order to fly right through the intersection against the light. Who ride down the sidewalk screaming “LEFT” while little old ladies careen to the side, walkers and canes flying. Basically the people who give me road rage on a daily basis. No no, I won’t be that type of bicyclist.

Instead, I plan on some leisurely afternoon trips up the Burke-Gilman Trail to have lunch and drinks at the Redhook Ale Brewery. Or an evening ride down to Golden Gardens Park for a barbeque. Or hauling our new fancy toys across the state to ride around on one of our many camping trips.

So basically… watch out, Lance Armstrong!


Stevie said...

I LOVE riding bikes! I rode my bike everywhere when I lived on Capitol Hill, but sadly it was stolen :-( Now I live really close to the Burke-Gilman and I'm DYING to have a bike again! I've been looking around recently. This weather is totally inspiring me to get out there.

Have fun!

Sarah Alway said...

Stevie - We are totally inspired by the weather, too! Costco has a steal of a deal on bikes right now. We snagged those ones (really great quality) for less than $300 each. Of course now we still have to get helmets, locks, and probably some awesome spandex outfits, LOL. :-)

Lindsee said...

Lucky girl! I want a new bike really REALLY bad. If you want some less-than-offensive bike shorts, check out the shorts they sell at lululemon. Still have the padding, but you don't look like you pooped your pants, and they suck you in in all the right places. Cheaper than typical fancy bike shorts too! Have fun riding!

Anonymous said...

i live close to the inter urban trail, that's a nice one! i have been riding my bike everywhere from client to clients houses. also i can get you a FREE map that shows you where there are bike lanes! let me know shoot me an email. i did the redhook ride from redmond...and it's no fun riding a bike with a tummy full of beer.---JENNY

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