Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking Back On 2008

As the year draws to a close and I look back on how I spent the last 365 days, I thought this would be an appropriate time to re-examine my 2008 New Years Resolutions and do a brief status update.

Resolution #1: Exercise at least two or more times per week.Status: Failed.Explanation: Pure laziness. It would be ridiculous to put excuses here. I did great for the first few months, but then I got progressively lazier. The yellow circles on my calendar marking the days I worked out end in May, and I finally canceled my gym membership all together in November.

Resolution #2: Stop gossiping so much (especially at work).Status: Completed.Explanation: I worked very hard on this during the first six months of the year, but I think the real turning point was when I started a new job in July. A much more healthy environment, combined with a positive attitude and fresh start, has done wonders.

Resolution #3: Put $150 per paycheck into savings account.
Status: Failed.Explanation:
I was actually doing very well in this department for the first half of the year and had quite the little cushion saved up. Thank God, because when I quit my job in June without another one lined up I was really thankful for the safety net. Unfortunately, living off my savings for six weeks really dented the ol’ bank account, and I was back to square one. However, the second half of the year presented a new financial opportunity: I made the biggest investment of my life by purchasing a condominium with my boyfriend. So I figure that even though I haven’t been putting money into my savings account, putting a substantial amount toward a mortgage each month evens things out.

Resolution #4: Seriously pursue going back to school.Status: Completed!Explanation: Not only did I seriously pursue going back to school, I applied and was accepted to the Paralegal Certification Program at the University of Washington. I attended night classes for one quarter and successfully completed them. In addition, I am all signed up for next quarter and plan to graduate from the program in June. This is the accomplishment I feel most proud of. Ironically, it is the one I thought I was least likely to accomplish.

Resolution #5: LET IT GO.Status: Completed.Explanation: This is something that was really important to me, and I worked very hard on this one. I really needed to realize that harboring negative feelings toward people was hurting no one but me. I was able to get past those feelings and see the bigger picture, which eliminated negativity in my own life and thus made me a happier person to be around!

In summary, I’d say three out of five ain’t too shabby. And although I failed on #3 I completed a goal I had previously set for myself – to purchase a home before age 30 – so I think that one wasn’t totally failed. So let’s call it 3.5 out of five.

Here are some other important highlights from 2008 that I’d like to take a moment to remember:
Overall, I feel very, very happy with how 2008 turned out. Of course there were ups and downs, but I was able to achieve some major things, whether they were planned or unplanned. I'm definitely happy with my life and where it is headed. 2009 - BRING IT ON!