Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lucky Strikes

OK you guys are never going to believe this one... I've joined a bowling league! Our team is named the Lucky Strikes and we play on Monday nights in Ballard. Six people are on our team, which means that they only take the top two male scores and the top two female scores, lucky for me, since I really really SUCK! Actually, I wasn't doing all that bad last night thanks to some friendly coaching. I managed to score 99 points during the first game, which our team won!! Sadly, we lost the second game and the overall, but it was fun anyway. And check out the best part of the night... free beer! I somehow managed to get three spares in a row, which earned me a free, bitter, warm beer... mmmmm!! I could have gotten a mixed drink in a plastic cup, but I think bowling kind of constitutes being a beer-drinking activity, don't you agree? It seemed particularly weird to be sitting in a bowling alley that was not filled with clouds of smoke... and when I looked to my left, I not only saw a frail woman with pink hair and an oxygen tank, but a small child as well. I guess bowling alleys are now safe for the masses. I can't believe I've jumped on the bowling league bandwagon, but I can't wait to get my team t-shirt... go Lucky Strikes!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Money Down the Toilet

OK OK, this is really embarassing, but I feel that since I put myself in this situation, my punishment should be to admit it to the rest of the world. Anyone who knows me knows I am RELIGIOUS about balancing my checkbook... but also that I am the biggest procrastinator of all time. But I still keep every single solitary receipt to log into my perfect check register whenever I get around to it... usually on particularly dull Monday afternoons at work.

This past Monday it had been almost two weeks since I had balanced, so I figured it was time. But why waste my time on such an annoying chore when I could, instead, be writing a blog about a fight with my best friend? The choice was obvious. I'm such an idiot... if only I would have logged on to WaMu.com on Monday, but sadly, I waited until Tuesday... only to see five red overdrafted amounts staring right back at me, causing my heart to drop. And all with the date of the day before. $27 dollars a piece, I thought, desperately trying to do the math... That's... $135 are you fucking kidding me!! My heart dropped as I thought of how much I could have bought at Forever 21 for that amount. Shit shit shit. I rushed to transfer the money from my savings account, crossed my fingers, and called the bank. Some bitch named Latisha or something promptly told me sorry, there was nothing she could do, but would I be interested in signing up for a credit card? Yeah, right. I asked to speak with a manager. "Jaqueline" was actually more helpful than I expected, offering to remove two of the overdraft charges. Math = $81 now lost. A little better, but still.

Do you think this is Karma for those 9-month old Sevens I exchanged at Nordstrom last week for a brand new pair? God I'm an idiot.

A Second Chance

I thought it was time for an update on my breakup status with my BFF. I had sent her an email which I didn't expect a response to, because I could tell how pissed she was. So I was quite surprised to return home that night and receive a call on my cell phone, which (totally in character) caused me to panic and not pick up. I waited to hear her voicemail, which was not at all hostile, surprisingly. She wanted to talk, and after about a half hour of psyching myself out, I called her back.

Two hours later, things were more or less resolved. I couldn't believe it had gone that smoothly! I was just perfectly honest with her and she with me, and things seemed to work themselves out. In all honesty, I never felt the friendship was in danger, but it really made me think when she told me how hurt she was not to have heard from me in more than two weeks. God I am the world's worst procrastinator!!! Seriously, it's starting to negatively effect my life.

Anyway, I am trying harder to maintain my long distance friendship, and hopefully I won't neglect it so much in the future. Just last night I found out that I am still invited to visit KY next month, yay!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Best Friend Breakup

Well, it's happened, I've been broken up with again. And not in the way you might think... although I have had my heart broken a time or two... once pretty recently. However, I think this may in fact be the breakup of all breakups... my best friend has written me a "I don't want anything to do with you anymore" email.

Let me fill you in with a little background information. We met in college... Junior year, I believe. We were quick to become the best of friends, spending all of our time together. We clicked in a way I rarely click with people, and I was thrilled to have found someone so much like myself, but also someone who made me strive to be a better person. However, she had one downfall... a horribly abusive boyfriend who I will call JB here. I tolerated his behavior for months because I knew she loved him, but then one night he grabbed me and left bruises on my arms. This was the last straw. Shortly after, she left him and came to stay with me before moving to Seattle a few weeks later. I thought we would never see him again.

When I found out a few weeks later that they had gotten back together, I naturally flipped. I told her I couldn't possibly be friends with her if I would be forced to interact with JB. We didn't speak for almost a year, until I began working at the same newspaper her. Luckily, we were able to mend our fragile friendship into even more than what it had been before. The downfall... she would be moving to Kentucky in mere months! I was devastated. We were inseperable for the entire summer, and I made some awesome friendships in the meantime. I cried when she left. She has been gone for about eight months, and I won't say it has been easy maintaining a friendship over such distance. But I made plans to fly out to Kentucky to visit her in April, yay!

However, she is also coming to visit Washington for her birthday in May. However, I had also made plans that weekend to go to Sasquatch Festival and was totally bummed that I would be missing the concert. However, I figured since she would be visiting for five days, it would be no big deal to hit the concert up Sunday. My BFF, however, had a different opinion. When she heard I was going to go to the concert, she called and told me how inappropriate that was, since she would be in town. I told her I had planned to spend the two days before the concert (including Saturday, her birthday) with her, but she didn't seem to think this was enough. We hung up the phone not necessarily in agreement, but who can agree on everything?

That was two weeks ago. Today I received an email. She basically said she did not care to be my friend anymore, and that I was not welcome to visit her next month. I was shocked!! All this over a conflict of schedule? Unbelievable! I'm not sure what to do at this point. The worst part is that during her trip, she had many things planned that did not include me, who was supposed to be one of her best friends... a night with the girls, a birthday dinner (apparently "couples only?") Was I just supposed to sit around and wait for a time when she MIGHT be available? Apparently. Needless to say, the whole situation has shocked and confused me. I have sent her an email, but to no avail. I have been broken up with, and without the "let's just be friends" agreement. What's a girl to do?? Help!

Confessions of a Wannabe Journalist

I have a Bachelors degree in journalism from Western and here I am... working in ADVERTISING!

I have been feeling like I've been losing my touch with writing for quite some time now, so I thought, hey, why not get my own personal blog page! This way I can rant and rave about life without filling up all my girlfriend's email inboxes all day long, and I can also practice a little bit of the skills I paid thousands of dollars to learn. So, here goes... I may occasionally use this site to simply vent. Happy reading!